Stewart Ewing

EwingstewStewart started framing houses when he was in high school, which taught him at an early age how important the “bones” of a home are. After spending many years learning his trade and absorbing decades of knowledge and wisdom, Stewart founded his own company in 1986, and is now an accomplished builder in his own right.

Stewart believes that building a home is about more than tools and materials – it is about trust, integrity, quality, and communication. Rather than simply building a house, Stewart strives to provide exemplary service, along with the distinct knowledge of building in various terrain and coordinating to the existing infrastructure. He takes into account the obtainable views and orientation of the building sites, and he takes the time to listen. This is what sets Stewart apart from his competition – he will give you the personalized attention you deserve, taking the time to understand and serve your unique needs throughout the building process from start to finish. Stewart is a hands on builder and remodeler who relies heavily on suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the quality and expertise he insists on. His personal focus and frequent contact with his clients affirms his belief that the personal touch is important in realizing his homeowner’s dream.

From marketing to job site management, Stewart has done it all. A true custom builder, Stewart designs most, but not all his homes from scratch. Stewart brings a young, fresh perspective to every job, creating a unique home for you that is personalized to the needs and desires of your family. When you work with Stewart, you know that you will come out of the project with not just a house, but a home.

On each and every project, Stewart is fully committed to quality and most importantly, homeowner satisfaction.


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